Is OT PLUG Legit?

Yes, OT Plug is legit, As one of the world’s biggest directed weed market, California is for some the apex of support in the sanctioned maryjane industry. For quite a long time, the state has had a rich custom of marijuana culture, providing a significant part of the nation and past with prime bud reared and developed by underground cultivators. Yet, getting into the game is difficult. A large portion of the neighborhood legislatures in the state have restricted business marijuana, and a considerable lot of the wards that invite the business have severe covers on the quantity of licenses gave.

How do i buy weed from OT Plug? 

To make it easier for you to buy weed online from OT Plug, we have provided a button on this page. Clicking this button will take you directly to the official OT Plug website. Their services are no longer rendered on telegram due to the massive scam from telegram. Hence, you can only get products from its official website. You can also read more from their website. Also, you can find various discounts and offers that the company offers from time to time. 


Despite all the challenges, Los Angeles-based cannabis brand OT PLUG has made a name for itself in California’s burgeoning legal marijuana market. From its roots as a clandestine grow operation in suburban Atlanta, OT PLUG has become one of California’s most coveted brands. The company’s signature strain Pluto has been mentioned on more than one hip-hop track, and fresh drops of the latest harvest have sold out in minutes at high-profile dispensaries.


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